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The Late Yemeni President / Ibrahim Al-Hamdi



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The Late Yemeni President / Ibrahim Al-Hamdi

June13,1974-October 11,1977



Photographed by Mr. Alain St. Hilaire in 1976


That afternoon was Thursday June 13, 1974. Radio capital, Sana'a, Yemen Arab Republic "North Yemen", which covers the broadcast that is heard clearly on a large area of Yemen, and in its neighboring countries, suddenly began to broadcast patriotic songs, Allah O Akbar (God is great) and other Marschat additions to the military. Between songs another radio broadcaster announced that an important statement which was posted shortly is coming up?

In seconds, everyone congregated around the radio, because television had not been introduced to the north of Yemen (first transmitter in the south 09/11/1964, in the north September 24, 1975). Shortly after extended hours, and long periods of waiting, there was more speculation and a higher degree of expectation, because the image was not clear hundred percent. The fact that radio had this kind of nationalist songs, which is due mostly to the 1950s and 1960s, a tide of national confrontation with the colonial powers, which often aim to raise the morale or combat readiness, and mobilization of the people behind the leadership, makes it highly probable that the war has erupted for the second time between the two halves of Yemen. Some were frustrated and miserable that the fighting between the sons of one homeland, especially as the 1972 war still brought painful memories of the homeland, because the political situation in that period, including the tense and ready for war flare up at any moment and for the most trivial reason, was that every party that embraces and supports financially and morally and infinite opponents of the other party! Some went to listen to Radio Aden capital of the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen "Southern Yemen, and found everything normal with no patriotic songs being broadcast. Perhaps the picture is clear, and found its normal bedeviled confusion, anxiety and anticipation of the new, however, is south of the Marxist belief Progressive attacked by the North retroactive them in the media war at that period, For this leadership continues in Aden looking for a convincing reason Arabs and internationally acceptable basis that did not support and backing from staying progressives neutrality least Shi States with interests in the region, because the war at this time if expanded and has a regional dimension, inevitably threaten these interests in the Gulf, especially oil, while the leadership in Sanaa is still the other looking for a strong and decisive reason for the mobilization of sympathy and solidarity with them against this serious group ... etc! ? At dusk, spare Host silenced to the extent of convulsions, after announcing the preamble Sunset long era of President Judge Abdul Rahman Al-Eryani, the advent of a new leadership headed by Colonel Ibrahim Al- Hamdi in a coup white at the top of the June 13 corrective (text of the documents in a supplement form) (Leadership Council at the outset of seven members, along with Al Hamdi subsequently expanded to nine are :-Ahmed Al-Ghashmi , Yahya Al-Mutwakel,Mujahid AbuShowareb, Ali Shaiba, Hammoud Baydar, Ali Al-Dhabea ,Dharhim Abu Lohom, Ali Abu Lohom,and later joined Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani and Abdullah Abdul Alem . Former Yemeni President people as a whole know, thought and policy after a stormy seven years in power, while the new leadership of the President (Head of State) is known in the capital Sanaa and nearby cities, especially the period in which he assumed the post of Deputy Prime Minister for the Interior, The foundation for the development of cooperation Ahli implemented many of the projects self-initiatives of citizens, such as feeder roads, building dams, schools and medical clinics.. And because the high rate of illiteracy as not everyone reads newspapers or magazines, and there are not 24-hour televisions, the first question to initiate their minds is How old is this man? And how is he like? How does he speak? Judge Eryani and Marshal Abdullah Al-salal when they both came to power they were close in age being both from the fifth decade.

The next day, official newspapers distributed Al-Thawra (Revolution) published in Sanaa and the Al-Gomhuria (Republican) semi-official issued in Taiz. On the first page an image of the young Colonel Al- Hamdi who was born in 1943 in Qataba Town, which held the important summit between Al- Hamdi and Robea in 02-15-1977.

 After seeing his photo the Yemeni citizens are anxious to hear his voice Three days after his speech and the evening drew his first political Velmsoa voice and the warmth of the rhetoric in recitation, the Yemenis began to compare between two men, giving their respect to the first who has long struggled against the Imamah Regime, and suffered in prison for years. Also, having escaped the death penalty twice only minutes before he was to have his head cut off, he was named the living martyr. He was appreciated for his knowledge, responsibility and for being a great leader during critical times, for that he was a great man. Yet he was blamed for leaving the whole country and its bounty to a ransom group which considered itself above the law and enacted its own law with the strong against the weak. It was inevitable that the work of a great fit terrible imbalance that struck the community, and threatened with collapse and restores the confidence of ordinary citizens weaker party in the equation before the movement, but in the eyes of Al- Hamdi the citizens were the stronger side because they are the majority. He wanted to return their confidence in the six goals of the September Revolution and to eliminate corruption, bribery, rebellion and favoritism. This program prepared by Al -Hamdi and the army on behalf of the armed forces of the draft financial and administrative reform in 5/9/1971, thirteen days after he was appointed deputy prime minister for internal affairs in the new government and the significance of the appointment to personally supervise the implementation and follow-up of legitimate affirmative who clashed with many obstacles

. On June 18 1974 Al-Hamdi said farewell to Judge Al-Eryani in an official ceremony in Taiz airport. In the city which they both loved located between Sanaa and Aden Al-Eryani left with members of his family to exile Optional Damascus along with many secrets, not leaking any information about anything but , which will be later on revealed in his memoir after his death. For example, is it true that he submitted his resignation to the armed forces to do so grudgingly other senior officials, particularly the strong man of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh / Abdullah Bin Hussein Al- Ahmar head of the Shura Council (Speaker), which was one of the reasons for putting the change in practice, because Eryani was tired of them, and their attitudes, which exceeded all limits, wanting to resign them during the absence of strong Colonel / Mohammed Al-Eryani, General Commander of the Armed Forces who was in France for a few months for medical treatment. Colonel/ Hussein Al-Musouri Chief of Staff who went to Jordan the previous day before the Movement (five days after the decision of appointing Al-Eryani as ambassador in Britain, and Al-Masouri Ambassador to Egypt. Al-Masouri was part of the Yemeni delegation, which visited Saudi Arabia in 17/3/73 headed by Judge Abdullah Al-Hajri Prime Minister and members Mohammad Ahmed Noman Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, to renew the border agreement that was rejected by the Yemeni people for twenty years Comorian (Islamic calendar). Noman was assassinated in June 28 ,1974 in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and Al-Hajri in April 10,1977 in the British capital, London, giving way for the young deputy commander Colonel Al-Hamdi to cut their way and to stop the confusion. However, the opposing side made a deal with Al-Hamdi to take the power of which he was given, and to give them control of the resources or vice versa. That may be true to some extent, from a military tactic inveterate who took many important positions despite his young age, initially used a large number of elements of the former regime despite the big question mark surrounding their history by virtue of gratitude to them. Day after day people withdraw the rug from under their feet when homesickness felt with the new situation , some disappeared silently and some left with noise as happened in the city of Khamer near Sanaa, the stronghold of Sheikh Ahmar, which was held in February 15,1975.It was attended by a large number of deportees ,tribal leaders and officers of the army which have considered that Al-Hamdi occupied authority, without having any right to do so. Sheikh Ahmar himself had been grazing in a conference 18/6/74 that tribes in Yemen which are held in the village of Long hand Hamdan, a suburb of Sanaa, described the movement as a day which spared the country from a great danger and many problems!? He knew how difficult it would be to remove them at once, these people of power.. On the first day after the presidency and quick review of important topics on its agenda crowded issued an urgent cessation of media campaigns against the South and with his assertion that the unit will continue to be the only option for the Yemeni people regardless of differing views and attitudes, but it is a great goal it needed to great sacrifices. Immediately President Robea (also known as Salmeen) returned the same desire and the same feeling, which established a strong relationship between them,


 which was personal, more than official. He started in a titanic effort assisted by a group of young academically eligible in building a modern Yemen and a state of law and institutions, which is difficult but not an impossible task of collecting commander in force and personality role-model, plus culture and distinctiveness during his civilian and military. More importantly, the family proverb which came from a judge (during his short time in the judiciary in the absence of his father Judge Mohammed Saleh Al-Hamdi was expiring provisions of the peace between adversaries) that the basis of the ruling Justice and the basis of a government fearing God, and not fearing injustice or blame from anyone. He demanded the placement of the words of God in substitution of his image

He reduced all military ranks including him, Lieutenant Colonel, which amounted to inflation and the use of the Glut including rank attributed to the soldier and officer ranks and returning the dignity, which was lost Prevent the use of government cars and military vehicles for personal purposes

Salary increases with four additional salary occasions acted in Eid Al- Fitr and Eid Al-Adha and the anniversary of the revolution and the anniversary of the movement

He had a life of simplicity, modesty, and manners that he kept for himself and his family until the last day

He would go out without security and would sometimes depart alone with simply Volkswagen

He would disguise himself in multiple costumes and go undercover to explore the life of his citizens

Surprise visits to government departments, security and military (His last surprise visit was to the city pf Taiz a few weeks before his assassination. During this visit he was very harsh in criticizing the officials reprimanded maintain the laxity and lack of commitment career. Of which included commander Major General Ali Abdullah Saleh, Abdel Salam Al-hadad Governor of the Governate, and Security Director Mohsen Al-Youseffi). He would hold himself accountable before others would, a principle named, where did you get this? This was strictly carried on himself and his relatives

Any money of which he would receive as a gift in any currency he would hand to the public treasury. During the time of which he was president the public treasury had an incredible amount of money, which was reported by quarterly bulletin the International Fund December / January 1st 1977 to be (825 000 000)Eight hundred and Twenty-five million dollars, a figure that was considered high when compared to Egypt, which only had(240 000 000) two-hundred and forty million dollars

He would meet citizens weekly without any in accordance with procedures that were easy and very ordinary

He canceled the adjective name as Sheikh and Mister, and brought in to replace them the name Brother, which means that people are now equal

He kisses the flag upon departure and upon returning from all foreign travel

With each speech he brings in something new

The season began in the reign of forestation in March-each year to return the vegetation to Happy Yemen

He gave every kind of gift obtained during his visits to the National Museum. He found these gifts to be from people for the people, of which his responsibility was to bring them forth to his country

In the year of 1974, he offloaded his time to internal comprehensive security with overall development. Being educated and a good reader of history he decided to rebuild Mareb Dam which ends lifeblood flourishing of the Kingdom of Sheba mentioned in the Holy Quran 

"has been conducted in the homes of any of the two Eat of your livelihood and be thankful to him, a good employer forgive."

He decided to visit Sheikh / Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, which are assets of his family to Yemen and to the city of Mareb specifically, the result of men affordability, was second gift from the people of the U.A.E for the fraternal people of Yemen after the television station, but that he was aware of the pressures of Saudi Arabia and its impact on his country. There was his first external visit to Riyadh where he met the late King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz, who was impressed by his activities but this did not prevent him from the commentary saying, Its going to be difficult for us. . Throughout his visit the Yemeni immigrants came to the capital Riyadh, coming from the remaining areas to receive it in a referendum rally which stunned Saudis and security forces, which were unable to control the situation, the Saudis have stated that the unbelievable reception reminded the Responsible Saudis of the time when the Omanis came to greet their Crown, Qaboos, who removed his father from controlling power and moved Oman from a low and poor class situation to a now modern and rich country. So as a joke it became circulated these witty words: Oh Omani Oh Omani leave the broom to the Yamani! . The majority of Yemeni expatriates and more than one million free trades and laborers building, while a few are working in trade, and investment. The rich have immunized themselves by obtaining a Saudi citizenship. Al-Hamdi, always stated that these people are ambassadors but they pay for this State, we do not pay them.

For this the first immigration conference was held on March 1976 in order for them to know about their government and the petitioners, where he found them to give so much without greed and they ask for so little with shyness. The reception and his charismatic personality annoyed the Saudis and felt that this young president was on his way to avoid them and custody based on the grounds of the broad masses and giant achievements and ambitious projects (Al-Hamdi relationship in the Gulf was a good chaired the Yemeni delegation to congratulate some states which ended the British protectorate).

Firstly: Yemen calls for the convening of an emergency Arab summit conference to discuss the repercussions of the civil war in Lebanon, which erupted in February 1975 and stop the bloodshed between brothers and propose the formation of Arab deterrent forces observers puzzled about this new Yemen, which was the last to know and the last to speak, because it began with the last letter of the Arabic alphabet.

Secondly : Non-Aligned Summit held in the capital Sri Lanka, Colombo in July 1976, and was elected secretary of the Yemen Central Conference attendance Yemeni dramatically.

Thirdly: March 1977 Yemen invitation to a summit of countries bordering the Red Sea which was attended by heads from the south of Yemen Salem Robea and Jaafar Nimeiri, Sudan, Somalia, Siad Barre, ignored by the Saudi, course for reasons known where he started Yemen under the leadership of Al-Hamdi tends away from astronomy Saudi and also because it had started to move to such an idea, did not respond! Egypt, which is surprising despite the friendly relationship between the distinct Al-Hamdi and President Anwar Al-Sadat, who recalls the insistence of Al-Hamdi when he was deputy prime minister for internal affairs on the extradition of Israeli spy Baruch Mizrahi, who was arrested in Yemen in May 26, 1972 to Egypt, compromising security for the country to Arab national security in the face of fierce with the Minister of the Interior Ali Saif Al-Kholani, referred to by one of the Egyptian intelligence officers mandated to prosecute spies in his memoirs published by the magazine Akher Saa( Last Hour ) Egyptian workshops in late 1976, the Egyptian leadership has benefited from the enormous amount of information obtained from the war in October 1973.Yemen also allowed for Egyptian troops to close the Strait of Bab El Mandeb at the entrance to the Red Sea, which falls within the sovereignty of Yemen (His most visits were to Saudi Arabia and Egypt).

The station was sensitive and serious to the historic visit to France in July 1977 where he was met by former French President Valery Giscard Destain guest at Orly airport and not in the Elysee Palace, as required the French Protocol . The success of the visit and its importance was in the arms deal French purchased and paid in full in cash value , a surprise to the Saudis which felt that the deal of this size and diversity is not a defensive never! (Al- Hamdi was informed the birth of his newborn child just as he was entering the aircraft that was just entering the French are. He asked for them to name his child Dhi Yazan taken from the name King Hameiri Saif Ben Dhi Yazan, who freed Yemen from the occupation of the Habashi .The rest of his three children were: Dr. Mohamed professor at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Sana'a, Nashwan businessman and one daughter Afrah(during the return from this visit, Al- Hamdi visited Tunisia and announced that he would head in to visit Libya, but he then returned directly to Sanaa, which led to the Libyan Ambassador to a meeting with Al- Hamdi to determine the cause of abolition .It was announced in an official statement, and when it did not occur it was as usual as in the diplomatic roles. Which is believed not only that Muammar Al-Gathafi foundation, which he considered himself the heir to inherit the Nasserite and found in Al-Hamdi a rival, and the relationship between them was from the lowest level.

The station was sensitive and serious to the historic visit to France in July 1977 where he was met by former French President Valery Giscard Destain guest at Orly airport and not in the Elysee Palace, as required the French Protocol . The success of the visit and its importance was in the arms deal French purchased and paid in full in cash value , a surprise to the Saudis which felt that the deal of this size and diversity is not a defensive never! (Al- Hamdi was informed the birth of his newborn child just as he was entering the aircraft that was just entering the French are. He asked for them to name his child Dhi Yazan taken from the name King Hameiri Saif Ben Dhi Yazan, who freed Yemen from the occupation of the Habashi .The rest of his three children were: Dr. Mohamed professor at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Sana'a, Nashwan businessman and one daughter Afrah(during the return from this visit, Al- Hamdi visited Tunisia and announced that he would head in to visit Libya, but he then returned directly to Sanaa, which led to the Libyan Ambassador to a meeting with Al- Hamdi to determine the cause of abolition .It was announced in an official statement, and when it did not occur it was as usual as in the diplomatic roles. Which is believed not only that Muammar Al-Gathafi foundation, which he considered himself the heir to inherit the Nasserite and found in Al-Hamdi a rival, and the relationship between them was from the lowest level.

September 1977 in his last speech on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the revolution of the 26 September declared that the honeymoon was over and more clear on where he was originally meant traders category, but what is between the lines ? What does he mean exactly.. Does he mean Saudi Arabia? Does this mean the centers of power and control and domination that reordered their ranks? There were corrective slogans and which in fact were only slogans but have brought positive results. For example, it was announced that the hands would be spared from shoplifters ,to punish corrupt misused secretariat responsibility despite the presence of the Supreme Committee of correcting the financial and administrative but these never occurred. He was keen to end the transitional period, which may be long or short the least losses and errors. As well as keen to show that the movement emerged from the womb of a revolution in September mother and she came for the renovation and the creation of effective six goals, which have become a dead letter and not a substitute for, and accused him of wanting to replace the Revolution with the Movement! (He would celebrate anniversary of the revolution in Sanaa, and Taiz and finally, Al-Hodeidah ) He believed that he would move to the future with the people he thought would protect him and make those of which want to harm Al-Hamdi to think instead of once a million and they would not feel happiness or safety if Al-Hamdi was to be killed, even though Al-Hamdi had stated several times that fate cannot be escaped. October 10 of that same year it was announced that he will make a historic visit to Aden, which would be the first visit from a Northern President to the South to participate in the celebrations marking the fourteenth century to the revolution of the 14 of October, which first expelled the British colonialism and took decisive steps unitary. What are these critical steps and why? ! . Will there be a declaration of unity between the two halves? Or is it being finalized? Did the President Robea accept that the Al- Hamdiwill be President of the united Yemen(unit basis in the section to mean the return of origin, in accordance with the facts of history and the agreements signed in both capitals Unitarian Egyptian and Libyan late 1972. The Sana'a capital of the North is the historical capital of Yemen) with the removal of elements of Marxism and the militants associated with the Soviet Union, Abdel Fattah Ismail, and his gradual move away from absolute subordination of the Soviets, and the establishment of a privileged relationship with China? ! (Al- Hamdi was postponing a visit to China a few days ago to carry out because of the death of Chinese leader Mao Tse-tung in 9/9/1976, has been following the selection of the new president Hu Koffing, Al-Hamdi was another head Mao was preparing to receive him, and when it was two months after the first President Al- Hamdi received Koffing).

The next morning orders were issued urgent Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, Minister of Defense and Aviation and file official of Yemen since the 1934 war Yemen and Saudi Arabia agree with some members of the royal family his heart stopped beating and idea of the turnover (when Prince Sultan visited Yemen for the first time on 10/4/1976 to attend meetings of the Saudi Yemeni Coordination Council, which been set up in Jeddah 14/8/1975, he was received by Al- Hamdi at the airport drew seized by some members of the leadership who sense of the relationship with Saudi Arabia. How does a President receive a Minister? He answered them with courtesy, knowing the impact and the Prince has wanted to calm the game and rows with the Saudis, received Prince Sultan as if he was a king in a reception, especially after the assassination of King Faisal in 25/3/1975, which God's mercy in spite of political genius and political attitudes towards known revolutionary regimes, and all the quotes of Gamal Abdel Nasser that he appreciates and respects those which develop their country despite not following the murders of his opponents. As they seemed to return to him what was large and small in contrast to King Khaled. He added that Sultan came with goodness of Yemen (Saudi government announced that it will implement in Yemen, many vital projects, the difference between the Kuwaiti and Saudi projects that the first set of projects to a small plaque reading, a gift to the Kuwaiti people brotherly Yemeni people, while second place for painting large-scale projects very ordinary and would have preferred cash payment) and he said that he will not only meet those at the airport that bring goodness to Yemen but he will carry them on his back. Yet when he received Vice President Hosny Mubarak in 21/9/1977 not intervals for one reason, they knew the appreciation and appreciation of the Yemeni people fully Egypt and sacrifices in supporting the Yemeni revolution is hypocrisy to say that his intuition that Mubarak will be the next president of Egypt).


The Yemeni people forgive and beyond everything. In that same day he received a call from his Vice, Ahmed Al-Ghashmi, inviting him to his house, which is located in the suburbs of the capital for lunch primarily on the success of the surgical operation to eradicate Appendicitis conducted Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani Prime Minister and member of the leadership, which has been invited to a large number of ministers and prominent political and social task.Abdullah Abdul Alem world leading member of the leadership and the


commander of parachute troops closest to the Al -Hamdi, did not approve of Al-Ghashmi and the guests will not eat until the President comes to discuss important and urgent matters. Al-Hamdi tasked his younger brother Abdul Rahman to prepare simple food for lunch before leaving to attend the lunch of which he received a special invitation (Rahman who has higher qualifications in engineering from the United States and former member of Parliament is identical to Ibrahim in his appearance and his voice).His appointed driver,Al-Hamami, had already left (he was killed in the early of eighties after falling in a well). Al-Ghashmi offered to send his chauffeur , who was believed to be named Mohammad Al-Haori (now in the post commander's bodyguard to President Ali Abdullah Saleh, then the commander of the military police then parachute...) during that time his sisters chauffeur arrived to drive him Al-Ghashmis house, after lunch and chatting everybody left yet Al-Hamdi stayed to know what was important; there are many stories that tell how Al-Hamdi spent his final moments here are several versions of the final moments in the life of Al- Hamdi says one of the stories that Al-Gashmi informed Al-Hamdi that his brother Abdullah, officer of the military commanders (Ibrahim avoided to be with his brother , which was also a forces commander stationed in Dhamar City, which lies about eighty kilometers to south of Sanaa, in one place, whatever the occasion),had been killed in a nearby room. Al-Gashami also informed Al-Hamdi that not only did his brother die but he will be soon to follow,and you period of regime must end and that his security and body guards have already left after telling them that you have returned to your addicted hobby of roaming the city to do an inspection tour unguarded, and they should return to your house. A glimpse of Al- Hamdi to Al-Ghashmi told him that they had warned him of him, and that he was not the simple man he was thought to be, and another glimpse to someone who thought of the Al-Hamdi to be one of the greatest leaders. He asked them if what they wanted was authority, for if that was all they could have it as long as they finish what they have started together and that the citizens be their responsibility. He was willing to stay if they accepted and was willing to leave if they wanted. Al-hamdi asked Al-Gashmi if he remembers when they peacefully said their farewells to Judge Eryani of Taiz in enhanced honor. We did not start our movement with blood .It was said that Al-Ghashmi liked the presented offer by Ibrahim, but some objected, stating that if Al Hamdi was to say one word against Al-Ghashimi and his group to the citizens of Yemen, they would be in a living hell ,and to not forget that they had already killed his brother, Abdullah. After Al-Hamdi finished making his offer they all began to hysterically shot at him.

 The second story says : After Al-Ghashmi invited Al-Hamdi, Al-Hamdi went hastily to change his clothes and replaced them with the proper attire. When he arrived he was admitted to the Parlor, and as he entered he saw two French girls(one was Veronique Troie and the other named Francoise Scrivano) who came running up to him giving him hugs and kisses. Directly after the French girls greeted him a photographer came and began taking several photos. Al-Hamidi suddenly noticed the photographer and ran after him with the Yemeni dagger yelling Youve finally done it Ghashmi, youve done it you coward. Then entered men with weapons and began shooting at everyone.

The third story : After the funeral that was believed to be for Al-Hamdi and his half-brother, they saw that the citizens did nothing out of the ordinary to go against the death of Al-Hamdi. So then seeing as nothing happened they came and this time truly killed Al-Hamdi. At midnight, and the vast majority sleeping, there was a difficult announcement, one of which the citizens of Yemen already knew who was the murderer. Five days later in the official statement, it was declared that there was a house of adultery, which everyone thought to be a lie. The day of Al-Hamdis funeral people began yelling statements as, Where is the killer O Ghashmi? and You are the killer O Ghashmi? Together the phrases were in a jumble like a sad symphony thats being played. The successor, Al-Ghasmi, was not enjoying his time as President because after one week Major General Zaid Al-Kibsi ,a close friend of Al-Hamdi, entered his office to trial Al-Ghashmi but not having the chance to shoot him since Al-Ghashmi yelled for his guards to come and kill Al-Kibsi and save him before he gets shot to death.

Later on in April 1978, Major General Abdullah Abdul Alem began a force of rebellion against Al-Ghashmi in the town of Taiz. Al-Ghashmi then gave Major General Ali Abdullah Saleh the authorization to do whatever it takes to put an end to the rebellion

In 24/6/1978 and after eight months in power Al-Ghashmi received a special envoy from President Robea, who carried a letter that had a connection with Abdulalems rebellion. Seconds later the briefcase containing the letter mysteriously exploded killing Al-Ghashmi and the envoy.

The news of Al-Ghashimis assassination was released at approximately 7:00 p.m. and brought joy upon the Yemeni citizens as a whole (not an exaggeration but the truth) because Robaae avenged the murder of his partner in the unity march. The Northern media held as a suspect President Robea. The frontal Party invited him to an emergency meeting to discuss the accusations against him, but Robaae declined the invitation and began fighting against Abdel Fattah Ismail an his group using weapons. The rejection of the invitation and the declared the rebellion ended his life in execution. (Al-Hamdi would describe Ali Abdullah Saleh as the goat of the officers, and for that he raised his rank quickly . He also appointed him commander of the brigade in Taiz and the commander of the Khalid Bin Walid military base., which later on took him to be the President of Yemen in July 17, 1978

The former president explained Ali Nasser Mohamed said in an interview with the Lebanese magazine in solidarity 15/8/1987 No. 227 that the explosive in the briefcase was an idea brought upon by the Interior Minister Saleh Musleh, who became the Minister of Defense later on, and that President Robaae hesitated before accepting the idea of killing Al-Ghashimi. However, Abdel Fattah Ismail accepted the idea with great enthusiasm.(Note: The envoy, Al-Hajj Tafaresh, that was sent was a relative of Saleh Musleh)

Oct15,1978 in the group of friends and supporters of Al Hamdi, Al-Nasserites some of which were civilians and soldiers attempted a failed coup which was supported and financed by Libya against President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was the successor of Al-Ghashmi after only three months of assuming the presidency. During President Saleh he visited Al-Mafraq zone that is in between Taiz and Al-Hodeidah (One of the delegation accompanying Abdel Salam Moqbel Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, was one of the coup leaders)

Usually in Yemen, as in most third world countries they cover any project which has been already built by the former Presidents, with stones. Even though it was an important and vital project, all while ignoring the fact of mentioning his name. An example is when the sport stadium first opened in Sanaa in December 25th, 1984, a gift from Korean Leader Kim Il Sung and the government of North Korea during a visit to Pyongyang Al Hamdi late December -January 1st 1976. The Mareb Dam project ended in 21/12/1986 (at a cost of 90 million dollars). Other projects were opened after his death. Also the General of the People's Congress, who chaired Al- Hamdis meeting of the preparatory committee days before his assassination, or the Ramadan evenings, which was a meeting with various segments of the Yemeni society and others. Voice of Truth newspaper owner and editor-in-chief of concession journalist Khaled Al-Mmutawakel, published a large picture of Hamdi on the first page, implementing quantitative market lightning speed not because of content but because of the picture. Khaled then was killed under mysterious circumstances with his friend/writer Abdul Rahman Al-Hajri after a luncheon

Many parents called the children who were born during that period, Ibrahim

A Street in the capital Mogadishu, Somalia was named after Al-Hamdi during his visit

Statements from his Speeches

We are not your rulers but your we are at your service.

We the people of the North are with the South one Yemen, and whatever wounds sometimes necessitate responsibility overcome by the fact that we care about the interests of the people eliminates the two parts of Yemen, and the hope to achieve this unity is a large topic and time factor.07/02/1975

> Yemeni unity is a prerequisite for each Yemeni citizen and we will work to achieve that pursuant. 01/11/1976

One job in the field is much better than a thousand words on a scale. When you use a dishonest man its wrong and when you use corruption that is twice as wrong.

Published these pages over the five years of research on three issues in Al-Mustkbel (the future), the Canadian weekly newspaper in the month of February 2002 entitled : pages of the book before printing : Late Yemeni President / Ibrahim Al- Hamdi- nation in a man


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